The Marymia Project

The Marymia Project is highly prospective for both copper and gold. The project is located approximately 160km south of Newman in the eastern Gascoyne region of Western Australia and covers approximately 3,600 square kilometres. The project area is strategically located within trucking distance of the Plutonic Gold Mine and the Degrussa Copper Mine.

Location of the Marymia Project in Western Australia’s eastern Gascoyne region

Geological Setting

The tenements of the Marymia Project cover part of the Marymia Inlier, a 200 x 50km Archaean Inlier that hosts the Plutonic Greenstone belt. The inlier is located within the south-eastern part of the Capricorn Orogen, a major Proterozoic tectonic zone formed by the collision and reworking of the Archaean-Paleoproterozoic Glenburgh Origin with the southern edge of the Pilbara Craton. A consequence is extensive Paleoproterozoic deformation and metamorphism of the Archean granites and greenstones.

The northern margin of the Archean Marymia Inlier is marked by the Copper Hills, a supracrustal schist belt of uncertain age that comprises a variety of metasedimentary rocks, mainly as BIF and phyllite, with minor metavolcanic rocks.

To the south, east and north of the Archaean Marymia Inlier, the Capricorn Orogen is marked by a series of Paleoproterozoic sedimentary basins (Padbury, Bryah, Yerrida and Earaheedy Basins) which represent periods of basement rifting and sedimentation post collision.

Unconformably overlying Archaean basement, Copper Hills Schists, and the Paleoproterozoic sedimentary basins are siliclastic rocks of the Collier Group (Bangemall Basin).

Within the tenement project area, previous drilling within the areas mapped as Archean granite has intercepted gneisses and migmatites, which to the west and north of the Marymia Homestead contain fault-bounded remnants of greenstones that have been intruded by a range of plutonic igneous rocks including gabbro, granite and granodiorite.

The Company’s Marymia Project

The project has had only limited previous exploration. The Company has commenced regional mapping, geophysics and geochemistry.

Five high priority prospects have been identified at Marymia.

Three gold prospects:

  • Two Pools,
  • Marymia NE
  • 4G Hill.

Two copper prospects:

  • Copper Hills.
  • Doolgunna Project – AIC Mines earning to 80%

Advanced Prospects at the Marymia Project

Early Stage Prospects at the Marymia Project